Lentil rice pilaf is with grape leaves is a meatless delicious food for vegetarians. I suggest you to try this delicious food.


Rice 3 cups
Lentil One and half cups
Large onion One
Raisin 100gr
Grape leaves 200gr
Brewed saffron 3 tablespoon
Oil As required
Salt, pepper, and turmeric Optional amount


  •  Wash lentils and soak in water at least for 6 hours. Wash rice and soak it in water and salt at least for two hours.
  •  Cook lentils and to do so pour water in the pot in a way that surface of lentils is covered with water.
  •  Boil the water poured in the pot.
  •  Lower the flame on gas stove so that lentils would be cooked but not losing their shapes.
  •  Wash grape leaves and chop them to be ready for use.
  •  Chop onion and fry them in the pan with oil.
  •  Set fried onions aside and this time fry grape leave with low flame on gas stove.
  •  Add turmeric and continue frying.
  •  Pour water in suitable pot till it is boiling. Then pour soaked rice in it.
  •  Pour half-cooked rice in rice stainer to remove excess water.
  •  Put heat diffuser on the flame and the pot on it. Pour some oil in the pot.
  •  Put ringed potatoes in the pot and add salt.
  •  Pour half of the rice in the pot and mixture of onion and grape leaves on it. Then pout the remaining part of the rice.
  •  Put the lid on and wait till the rice is stewed.
  •  Sauté washed raisins in a little oil.
  •  Mix brewed saffron with a little amount of white cooked rice and set it aside.
  •  Mix the cooked rice and serve it in suitable dish while garnished with the mixture of rice and saffron and raisins

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